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Many Struggles, one Fight – Justice Congress of the German Young Greens

Most of us feel injustices every day, whereas justice sounds like an ancient word. However, independent of our current struggles from homeschooling, losing our jobs due to the pandemic or seeing how fossil companies and governments continue burning our future, justice is relevant for all of us and it connects us in our fight for a better future. Thinking about justice is too important to become an outdated concept.

Join us for the Spring Congress of the German Young Greens where we want to revive the idea of justice and develop joint political visions.

Big companies continue with their profits during the pandemic even though their workers are in the constant danger of being infected, in the office, in the warehouse or on their way to work in overcrowded public transport. Countries in the Global South are hosting medical vaccine trials but get no access to the actual vaccines due to unequal distribution. We spend billions for highway projects that were planned decades ago but there seems to be no money left to guarantee proper public transportation in rural areas. And the earth does not stop heating up!

But why? Why is there so much inequality in our current living situations? What are the societal mechanisms behind this? Why does the gap between the rich and the poor widen continuously? Why are corporations saved but humans are neglected? Why are the causes of the climate crisis not just ecological but also social?

To answer these questions, we must renew the concept of justice. It is filled with ideas about the market and competition. We need to have a clear understanding of these mechanisms, since they are the basis of current injustices. Additionally, we need to discuss what kind of understanding should be the basis of our vision for a more just world.

That is what we want to do during this Spring Congress! We start by taking a step back and inquiring about the development of societal injustices and continue then by looking into the future and discussing the policies needed to ensure justice in the present. We aim at a good life for everyone – and we will not settle for less!

For international guests who do not speak German, there will be five workshops in total, two of which will be held entirely in English, as they are run by international activists; three more will be held in German with English subtitles all on the 24th and 25th of April. If you are an international guest who speaks German, you can also register via If you do not speak German, you can register below. There will be a two-step procedure, meaning that you will first have to register for the congress as a whole and then after the registration you will have to choose the specific workshops you would like to participate in. You will receive an e-mail for this second step of registration in the beginning of April.

Certainly, there will also be the opportunity to socialize and mingle with other international guests and Young Green activists. There will be an international welcome dinner on the evening of the 23rd of April starting from 6 pm and you can join our legendary party on Saturday evening as well as the presentation of our campaign for the national elections in September if you are interested! In case you need a translation for this, we can arrange this as well!

From now on you can register for the workshops of the Justice Congress! As soon as you have registered, you will get access to the congress workshops.

The registration deadline for the workshops is April 18, 2021, 23:59 (CET).

The international workshop registration is now closed.




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